5 Mind-Blowing Facts About the American Truck Freight Industry

Freight All Kinds, Inc. is proud to contribute to the overall freight trucking industry in America by offering prompt and dependable service 24/7/365. For most people, freight trucking is something that happens in the background; something that they don’t think about that often at all. And that’s how it should be! If you’re having to think about how your food and consumer goods get shipped to your regional distribution center, it probably means there is a problem with it.

The American freight trucking industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the country. Freight shipping is an essential process for maintaining a healthy economy and ensuring that goods are distributed in a timely manner. If you’re a company looking for a reliable freight shipper or you are a job-seeker wanting to learn more about a freight career, this article is for you. What follows are some interesting facts about freight shipping that you probably didn’t know. Read on to learn what makes freight shipping so essential!

#1: 5.8% of Full-Time Jobs in America Are Related to Trucking

In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 5.8% of full-time jobs in America are directly related to the freight shipping industry. That means nearly seven and a half million people are employed in freight shipping! As the American economy and population is projected to continue growing into the foreseeable future (of course, with small dips here and there that, in the grand scheme of capital accumulation, are almost always a matter of short-term losses within a more long-term trend of stable growth), we can expect freight shipping jobs to only continue growing as well.

#2: 10.8 Billion Tons of Freight Were Moved in 2017

The reason freight shipping has been seeing such a surge in recent years has large part to do with the internet. With the rise of e-commerce and last-mile delivery challenges, these numbers are only continuing to rise.

#3: 70% of Goods Are Transported by Truck in the US

Many countries rely more on trains, and island countries rely primarily on boats, but America strongly chooses freight trucking to deliver its goods around the country. This wasn’t always the case, but, especially since the 1950s, America has been a country proud of its highways and reliant on trucking for shipping most goods.

#4: The Distances a Long Haul Trucker Drives

Whereas the average American drives about 13,500 miles a year, long haul truckers average over 8 times that. The amount of time a long-haul trucker spends more time on the road over the course of their career than you will spend on the road in the course of your entire life. That’s just one driver. Now think about how many miles all the long-haul drivers out on the roads right now are clocking each year. It’s pretty incredible to think about.

#5: Nearly Half of the Jobs in the Freight Shipping Industry Are Held by Minorities

More than 40% of trucking jobs are held by minorities. Each year, it seems that more and more minorities (and women) are joining the trucking industry. Freight All Kinds is a proud supporter of equal opportunity employment. When it comes to getting a job in this industry, Michael Jackson said it best: “It don’t matter if you’re black or white.”

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