FAST Act highway bill signed, FMCSA takes down CSA scores

By Todd Dillis, CCJ News, December 04, 2015
CSA v2
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration responded quickly upon the enactment of the FAST Act of 2015, the five-year highway bill passed in both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama Friday afternoon, Dec. 4.
As required by the law, the agency pulled the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Safety Measurement System and its BASIC categories of carrier safety analysis and evaluation from public view just hours after the President’s signing.
In a statement late in the day, the agency noted that “as of December 4, 2015, pursuant to the FAST Act of 2015, much of the information previously available on [FMCSA] website related to property carriers’ compliance and safety performance will no longer be displayed publicly.”
Though the agency notes it’s not “prohibited from displaying all of the data,” specifically inspection and violation data as well as the “absolute measures” that underpin the percentile rankings previously available in each BASIC category of measurement in the CSA SMS, it says “no information” will remain public on carriers while the changes are being implemented.

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