Most Common Items Shipped By Freight

You see them in movies, on the highway, by the pier, or down below while you fly overhead, but you never quite know what’s in those shipping containers. If you’re a physicist from 1935 named Schrodinger, then you may have a few interesting ideas about what may be inside them, but for the most part the contents of freight containers are pretty pedestrian. If you’re still curious about what may be in those trucks, ships, or cargo planes then you’re in luck, because in today’s blog from Freight All Kinds we’ll dive into the most popular items that are shipped by freight. These are in no particular order and combine both commercial and private use, just so you know.

Automobiles & Car Parts

With numerous foreign car companies this should come at no surprise. Companies like Audi, Lamborghini, Mitsubishi, and BMW were all started and based outside of the United States, but are largely popular in America because they’re both luxurious and efficient. While the US exports most of the world’s newest automobiles, Japan exports most of the world’s refurbished vehicles. For many foreign cars, special or unique fitting parts are needed when something goes wrong. These parts are usually only made and sold by the company, meaning you’ll have to order directly from them or a licensed carrier to get the parts you need.

Furniture & Furniture Parts

Furniture is always the most cumbersome thing to transport when you move. It’s bulky, oddly shaped, and in some cases very fragile. When you order out of state or foreign furniture, or are completely moving out of the country, that furniture is usually put into some kind of freighter and shipped to your desired location. Much like cars, when furniture breaks, they require uniquely designed parts to restore them back to their original condition. If the original piece of furniture was out of state or country, then that part must be brought in to your area as well.


Santa used to be the biggest transporter of coal, but now it’s freight shipping companies. Though the popularity of coal has gone down in recent years, it still remains one of the most commonly freighted items to date. Coal, which is made from ancient plant material, has been used for centuries in many different applications. Freighters must transport coal very carefully, as it’s not only quite valuable, it’s also easily combustible. Coal powers many of our power plants and is still used by many companies and industries around the world.

Art & Art Materials

What’s harder to move than a thousand lb marble sculpture? A whole menagerie of thousand lb marble sculptures. Stone sculptures, instruments, and materials used to make art are all shipped via freight. This is mainly because the materials used can be very heavy and hard to move. Transportation via freight makes moving these valuable and sought after objects much easier to ferry. Antiques and collectables as well as stonework for buildings or monuments are also included in this category. All of which must be shipped with the greatest of care and is heavily tracked so it’s not lost at any point during transportation.


Yes, you read that right. Bananas are one of the most commonly shipped items in the world. The delicious fruit is traded and moved by the ton, making it one of the most popularly freighted objects around. Around 1.5 million metric tons of bananas are shipped each year, outdoing art, motor vehicles, and coal despite their triviality and weight. So when you see a freighter, chances are it’s filled with tons and tons of bananas. Oh, and a fun fact, bananas are technically berries, while raspberries aren’t.

Everyone here at Freight All Kinds hopes you have found this blog helpful, if not a little entertaining. If you’re looking for a freighting company, look no further than Freight All Kinds. Considered one of the best freight shipping companies in the country, we won’t rest until we know your products have been safely shipped to its destination. Learn more about Freight All Kinds, contact us today to set up a free consultation, or learn about our different shippers from around the country.

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