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Finding a new job can be hard to say the least. Everything you’re looking for or are qualified for is filled seemingly within seconds. You’re looking for a job that’s thrilling, something that makes you proud and excited to wake up every morning and get to work helping people achieve their goals as well as your own. Though they can be hard to find at first, with a little help, the right job can be just a simple click away. In today’s blog, the leading freight management at Freight All Kinds will show you some of the positions we currently have available all around the country. We’ll explain what each job is, give you a general idea of what you’ll be doing and the right qualifications for each position, and give you a chance to apply for each one. So, without further delay, let’s get into the positions currently available at Freight All Kinds.

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The Account Manager is one of the most crucial positions at Freight All Kinds. Your main role will be to connect shippers, or the customers who need their cargo and goods shipped from one place to the next, with carriers, or the companies with the trucks used to haul freight. You’ll also negotiate deals that are beneficial to all parties involved. Our Account Managers are very social as well as having a great eye for detail. As a new Account Manager at FAK, you’ll learn how to manage every step of the freight sales process, such as learning how to identify potential customers, how to negotiate with shippers, how to find trucks and how to negotiate rates, monitoring shipments, and more!

We’ll also teach you how to use our web-based Transportation Management System (TMS), which supports every aspect of our business and has user-friendly functionality. As an Account Manager at Freight All Kinds, you’re the one who helps businesses grow by finding the best rates on shipping and transportation. You’ll also deliver reports to your clients that highlight how well they’re doing, shipping diagnostics, and more.

Qualifications (one or more of the following):

  • Experience in a transportation support role (ie dispatcher, logistics coordinator, customer service rep, etc.)
  • Experience in managing business on the phone (ie inside sales, collections, etc.)
  • Experience with finding and recruiting new customers and finding new sales opportunities

Learn more about and apply for the Account Manager position here.

Independent Sales Agentblack and white coffee cup beside laptop

As an Independent Sales Agent, your primary goal is to find new customers and maintain the ones you currently have. You’ll also post available loads as well as find trucks from the Freight All Kinds carrier network. You’ll work hard to negotiate rates between customers and carriers as well as coordinate between customers and carriers. One of the best parts of being an Independent Sales Agent for FAK is that you’ll be able to work from just about anywhere in the country, as you’ll primarily be working from home (we recommend getting a nice home office ready). The Independent Sales Agent is integral in helping FAK retain clients as well as finding new ones all across the country.

As an Independent Sales Agent at Freight All Kinds, you’ll operate as your own boss and work remotely. You’ll be able to work from the comfort of your own home while you represent one of the fastest growing companies in the country. You’ll be soliciting freight services, arranging transportation with our world-class contract carriers, and monitoring each shipment throughout the entire shipping process. FAK will provide all of the back office administration and support work so you can focus on selling and moving freight right away. You’ll also be completely protected from financial risks associated with customer payments and claims.


  • Experience in sales (truckload and/or power-only)
  • Existing or recently active customer base
  • Self-motivated
  • Customer service experience
  • Great communication skills
  • Attention to detail

Learn more about and apply for our Independent Sales Agent position here.

At Freight All Kinds, we have these and many more positions available. See what other freight jobs you can apply for at Freight All Kinds and start your career in the fast paced industry of freight management. Learn more about Freight All Kinds, or contact us today to answer any questions about our company and our application process.

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