History of Freight Shipping

Throughout history, one of the most crucial things to the advancement of civilization has been transportation — transportation of people, transportation of ideas, and transformation of goods. One early development in the history of shipping was the domestication of horses in approximately 4,000 BCE. Since then, we have come a very long way. Today, we […]

Benefits of Working in the Freight Industry

Learn about the benefits of working the freight industry

Working the freight industry is something that many people enjoy and benefit from, and at Freight All Kinds we are happy to be one of the companies that people feel lucky to work for. We offer positions across the United States, all of which vary in responsibilities and experience. If you’re interested in working in […]

Open Positions at Freight All Kinds

Learn about available freight careers at Freight All Kinds

Finding a job that you love is important, but it can be even more difficult when it comes to finding a company that matches your values and mission. At Freight All Kinds, we are passionate about hiring individuals that are eager to work, passionate about what they do, and driven to always improve. We are […]

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