Types Of Freight Companies

Planes, trains, and diesel trucks. Though you may see them every day, you may not realize what they’re for. Besides making you late and causing traffic, vehicles used for freight purposes help supply us with things we want, need, or have to move from place to place. What may not be well known are the different types of freight companies and how they transport the products they’re hired to move. In today’s blog, the freighting professionals at Freight All Kinds will be exploring the different means of freight transportation. Keep reading to find out more.

Ground Freighting

Transportation via ground freighting is one of the most common means in the USA. Primarily done with vans or big 18-wheeler trucks, ground freight transports smaller to medium sized products or goods usually within a few dozen or hundred miles. This helps get the smaller products where they’re supposed to be faster while also cutting down on costs. Ground freight transportation usually doesn’t go more than a few hundred miles but has been known to go from one end of the country to the other at times. Goods shipped by ground usually include food, furniture, domestic beverages, and even toys.

Rail Freightinggray and blue train on railing beside green plants

Though not as popular as they used to be, trains still provide a great means of product transportation. Used primarily for the transportation of wood, steel, and coal, trains can also transport shipping containers from sea freighters and are able to move large amounts of product at a single time. Rail freight transportation is also quite cheaper than that of air and sea, while also allowing for a direct line of trade for certain companies or organizations. Typically unencumbered by weather, there’s not much that stops trains from getting from one place to another.

Ocean Freighting

Long before vehicles or airplanes moved products, goods were trafficked by the sea on wooden ships. The same is still true to this day, but instead of wooden ships, giant metal cargo ships are used to carry tons of products across the world in a matter of days. Able to move up to 10 thousand tons at a time, sea freighting vessels also aren’t hindered by railways or roads, making them efficient when having to transport literal tons of cargo over hundreds or thousands of miles. Ocean freighting vessels can transport anything from car parts to food to building materials.

Air Freight

Cargo transported by air is one of the most modern forms of freighting. Though it does cost more than most other forms of freighting, air freight transportation is much faster than its other transportation cousins. If a company needs to get products or goods to a customer by yesterday, then air transportation is the go-to freighting option. Able to move large amounts of goods at a single time, plane freighting is ideal for those who need to get their stuff to its destination in a hurry.

Other forms of freighting:

  • Drone
  • Sled dog
  • Mail
  • Private carriers

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