What Is Freight Cost Analysis

Freight shipping is an incredibly effective and highly efficient way to help get goods and products from one place to another. It’s great for companies as it helps get their products in front of large numbers of customers, and it’s amazing for everyone else as freight shipping helps disperse goods to areas that otherwise might not be able to partake in them. Freight shipping helps benefit almost everyone, but some of the best benefits are sometimes lost to companies who use freight services. In today’s blog, Freight All Kinds, the best freight management company in the United States, will go over what freight cost analysis is and how it can help your business grow and thrive.

Freight Cost Analysis

When you use a top-rated freight shipping company like Freight All Kinds, you’ll be given comprehensive reports on all of your freight shipping services. This includes shipping reports, diagnostics, route optimization, and much more. A freight cost analysis is similar to an audit in that your freight shipping manager will go through all of your freight shipping reports in order to find ways to best optimize your freight services. Your company can also perform a freight cost analysis to make sure that the freight shipping company you partnered with is doing what they promised to do. Freight cost analysis reports can be used to make sure that your freight services are up to date and that you’re using your company’s money wisely.

If you perform a freight cost analysis and find that your freight services aren’t as good as they could be, then it may be time to optimize your company’s freight solutions. If you use a third-party freight management company, then speaking with your freight service manager will more than likely give you the answers you need to help make your shipping services even better. Simple things like running different routes, how you load trucks, and using a different style of shipping can all be easy fixes that may yield big rewards in terms of your company’s freight shipping.

How Freight Cost Analysis Can Help

As we said above, freight cost analysis can help you find certain instances or areas where your company might be spending too much or isn’t operating as well as it could be. Below are a few ways that a custom freight cost analysis can help your business.

Decrease LTL Freight Cost

Less than truckload (LTL) freight shipping is used to help transport goods and products that don’t take up an entire truckload or trailer. This usually occurs when freight is between 150 and 15,000 lbs. Shippers using LTL freight shipping services will usually pay for the portion that they occupy in the truck’s trailer while other shippers will take up the remaining space and do the same. With a freight cost analysis, your freight management company will be able to look at things like shipping frequency, lanes used, products shipped, volume you usually occupy and more to help keep costs down by creating a custom LTL shipping strategy.

Review Previous Information

You can learn a lot about your company’s shipping services by simply looking at your recent freight shipping history. With a freight cost analysis, your freight manager will look into your recent shipping reports and freight shipping data to see what can be done to help optimize your business. Freight managers will usually look at the last 30 days or so of freight shipping when they run a freight cost analysis. This will help your personal freight manager look at data points such as shipping routes, locations, volume of shipped products, carriers used to ship your goods, and much more. Your manager will then be able to analyze any areas that need to be improved upon.

Gauge Freight Results

When you partner with a high-quality freight management company, you’ll get access to some of the best carriers around. When your freight manager conducts a freight cost analysis, your freight provider will be able to analyze the results of your report and help match you with a carrier that fits the services you need. A freight cost analysis can also help identify areas where your company may need to consolidate a few things, which can lead to a reduction in cost. Freight cost analysis reports are used to help find areas of fiscal opportunity, and an experienced freight manager will know how to run the perfect report.

When you need custom freight management solutions for your company, Freight All Kinds is the perfect freight management company for you. We partner with some of the best carriers and shippers all across the United States, giving you access to some of the best shipping services around. Learn more about our freight management company, discover the freight shippers we partner with, or contact Freight All Kinds to get a free quote for your custom freight shipping solutions today.

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