Why Santa Uses Freight Management Services

Freight shipping has been around for years, but just about everybody knows the original freight shipper: Santa Claus. Old Saint Nick has been freight shipping for centuries and has yet to miss a single delivery whether you’ve been naughty or nice. But what makes Santa so efficient in his world-wide pack delivery? Simple, he uses freight management services to keep him and his deliveries on track. In today’s blog, we’ll go over all the reasons why Kris Kringle loves using his freight management and how a great freight management company can help you and your company. So, without further delay, let’s get into the top reasons why Santa Claus uses freight management services.

1 – Package/Shipment Tracking

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Like any company that has to deal with shipping goods and materials over great distances, Santa knows that shipment tracking is one of the most important aspects of the business. Without package tracking, jolly old Saint Nick wouldn’t be able to keep his deliveries straight. Some houses would get multiple deliveries while others received none. He may even forget to deliver presents or bring presents along with him if he didn’t have a good freight management company on his side. This would quickly make the holidays an utter disaster. In fact, if the Grinch really wanted to ruin Christmas, all he had to do was mess with Santa’s freight management services and it’d be done in an instant.

Freight management companies, like Freight All Kinds, offers some of the best package and shipment tracking services around. Not only will you be notified when your shipment has arrived at its location, but you’ll get comprehensive reports delivered to you about how well your company is doing with your shipments. With freight management services, you’ll never have to wonder if your shipment was delivered or not ever again.

2 – Saves You Money

If your company is as big as Santa’s, then you’ll know how costly it is to ship just about anything. Not only do you have to pay for the cost of shipping, but you also have to pay certain fees, the cost of fuel, and even tariffs if your goods are being hauled to a different state or multiple countries. These taxes can add up rather quickly, and if your company is constantly shipping, you may be paying a pretty penny just to move your goods. Santa figured out a little while ago the benefits of a great freight management company in his corner.

Freight All Kinds can help you save money, just like Santa does. Not only do we make a list of the best carriers to fit your style and budget, but we constantly find you ways that we can optimize your freight and shipping strategies. We work to find the shortest, safest routes for drivers to take, which cuts down on fuel expenditure, and we also classify your shipment correctly from the very beginning, which stops shipping fees along your shipment’s journey.

3 – Customer Satisfaction

Kris Kringle has some of the highest customer satisfaction in the world. Even though he only works one night a year, he is always punctual and has never missed a night since he first started. This helps build trust with people, allowing them to not only believe in you, but know you’re going to deliver no matter what might come up. After centuries of constantly delivering on his promise, Santa has built quite the reputation along with one of the highest customer satisfaction rates you’ll ever see.

Your company probably hasn’t been around for centuries, nor may they have a reputation like Santa Claus does. With a freight management company working for your company, your reputation and customer satisfaction can skyrocket. Not only does a good freight management company like Freight All Kinds work with everyone involved in all aspects of your shipping, but we’ll be able to sort out any discrepancies that may pop up. We work with carriers, shippers, and your clients to make sure that everyone is happy with your business. If they aren’t, we do everything we can to make it better, just like we’d do for Santa.

If you’re looking for the best freight solutions around, then look no further than Freight All Kinds. We can help your company become even better with world-class shipping solutions. Learn more about FAK, see what kind of careers we can offer you in the shipping management industry, or contact Freight All Kinds today to answer any questions.

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